5 Powerful Facebook Ad Examples 2021

Designing Facebook ads, involves audience insight, campaign goals, marketing budget but most importantly ad creatives that stand out. Social media users are inundated with ads on a daily basis, so the challenge for e-commerce brands is to create a paid ad that is impactful and engaging. Whilst it is super satisfying to design something unique for social media, it’s also key to generating a profit and a healthy return on your investment. 

So, before you jump to Canva and use a template and stock photography, pause for a moment to reconsider your paid ad strategy. What can you do to take your Facebook ad to the next level? How can you demand attention from your target market without leaning on a basic sales pitch? To give you some serious paid ad inspiration, here are 5 powerful Facebook ad campaigns that are paving the way for innovative, unique, and impactful ad creatives.

1: Facebook Video Ads


Ad goals:
Promote blue light filtering glasses to work from home millennials.

What makes it stand out:
Kanturo uses customer reviews to generate content for their website, social media profiles, and paid ad campaigns. This innovative brand has now stepped up its digital marketing to include video content using customers or influencers to promote their products and increase brand awareness. Video content is far more effective at keeping users interested when it comes to paid ads, as the video will likely play as a user scrolls through social media. When the content does start to play, it instantly grabs attention and holds it. By connecting with customers and influencers, this brand breaks down the barriers between brand and consumers.

2: Highlighting Benefits Ad Creative

Ren Skincare 

Ad goals:
Promote product skincare benefits.

What makes it stand out: When developing ad creative, there is a fine line between promoting products and informing customers. Ren Skincare has recently launched a number of Facebook ads that cleverly highlight their product range’s key benefits without becoming overpowering. By highlighting the benefits in ad images, you can visually reinforce the reasons to buy the product whilst also educating your target market. 

3: User Generated Content


Ad goals:
Promote their range of self-care, therapy subscription boxes.

What makes it stand out:
Rather than use edited product photography to create a Facebook ad, an effective design idea is to use content created by your customers. TheraBox has chosen user-generated content for their paid ad creative rather than product photography in order to promote and acknowledge their happy customers. This paid ad strategy not only helps boost engagement on social media but also forms a community and builds trust and transparency. Now new customers can see exactly what they are buying and how the item will be delivered, which is a powerful Facebook ad creative technique. 

4: Minimalist Facebook Ads 


Ad goals:
Promote their 15% discount for new customers for golf pants. Drive relevant traffic to the product page. 

What makes it stand out:
Bonobos, started out with a mission to make a better pair of pants. Since launching, it has grown remarkably online and is now a highly respected menswear brand. Taking a minimalist approach to their Facebook ad campaigns, this e-commerce brand is able to make an impact online without bombarding users with too much information. Simple, straightforward, and stylish. Sometimes less really is more when it comes to paid ads. 

5: Smart ‘Do Good’ Incentive Paid Ads 

Ground & Hounds Coffee Co

Ad goals:
Promote their 25% discount code for new subscriptions and the brand’s rescue dog mission.

What makes it stand out:
This smart Facebook ad campaign is an easy example of how you can position your brand as ‘good’ whilst boosting your traffic and optimizing paid ad conversions. Rather than solely rely on the new customer discount code, the brand consistently promotes its mission to help and support animals. This all ties in beautifully with the brand, product range, and logo. 

With so many dog lovers sharing cute doggie content on social media, by including a pup in the ad creative, you can instantly trigger an emotional response and encourage engagement. The brand also adds another element to this paid ad by connecting its mission and products with the New Year incentive. By informing customers that investing in a coffee subscription will also mean supporting rescue pups, they make the decision easier for new customers.

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