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Years of experience in Advertising

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Satisfied Clients All Over The World

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Average Return on Investment

Over 5 ROI on +40K Ad Spend
Over 67% increase in store revenue
Scaled to 344% ROAS in 30 Days
400% ROAS while Scaling
Doubled Store Revenue in 60 Days

Why Our Clients Call Us The Best Marketing Agency (and you will too)

We don’t ‘boost posts’ over here. We’re a Marketing agency routinely achieving 3-9X ROAS. Imagine being able to suddenly capture a larger share of your market overnight? It’s possible!

Best-in-class Agency

We’re different… and by different we mean better. We are known for scaling Ad profitability for eCommerce brands. We have over 50+ happy clients all over the world and 75% of our clients double their revenue within their first three months of working with us.

End to End 360° Service

Outsmarting the competition throughout your entire customer journey is easy! From content through copywriting, Facebook and Google Ads, we’ll cast a huge net to catch your audience in “buy now mode” by giving them the perfect experience they need in order to convert.

Dedicated To Your Success

We spend your money like it’s our own. At Macedo Marketing, our clients are more than just ‘clients’ and we are more than just media buyers, we like to think of ourselves as partners who work by your side to get the maximum from your campaigns.

Hands-on Experts

What’s more unfair than having the best people and talent behind you? When we say we are advertising specialists, know that it’s more than just a job title. Everyone on our team is an expert with Blueprint Certifications, 10+ year experience and millions spent on Ads.

Our Growth Services

We tackle different aspects of your digital marketing challenges so you can stop spinning your wheels and start scaling up your business.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads sit at the heart of everything we do. With our strategy and expertise, you’ll be able to reach your ideal customers in “buy now mode” and turn eyeballs into revenue.

Google Ads

By leveraging Google Ads, we can help create shopping campaigns that sing from the tops of search pages and help you shatter your revenue goals, consistently.

Cutting Edge Creatives

We’re known for creating some eye-catching, high-converting visuals branded to a T that make your audience scroll back and go "Wow, hold on.. What did I just see?"

Bang On Copy

We speak fluent internet. That means, you’ll get gun-to-the-head copies that get your audience’s adrenaline to go up up and not come down until they send money your way.

Social Media Management

From content creation to post scheduling, our team will constantly have their hands and eyes on your platforms at all times to ensure they run like clockwork.

Goldmine Data and Insights

You’ll receive a wealth of valuable insights and of data to give you strategic clarity that can benefit your business beyond the digital realm.

We’re An Agency That
Talks Less & Delivers More.

Some high praise goes a long way – Hear it straight from those who’ve worked side by side with us. They’ll probably say it better than we ever could.

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After Only 3 Months I’ve Seen A 3.3x ROAS

“All my small owner buddies have actually commented to me saying “You seem to be THRIVING during this pandemic while all other shops are struggling” – I know it’s because I’ve been working with Tiago creating awesome Ad Campaigns with targeted audiences.”

Hilary Palmer

Magnus clothing company

Choosing Macedo Marketing Is a No-Brainer

“I’m sure there are a lot of tutorials online but there is nothing like having a team of your own that will know your business in and out, and having somebody to talk to daily that is right there with you every step of the way refining your strategy in order for your business to grow”

Alfonso Olvera

Sandia Folk, Ecommerce Art gallery

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We Have Been Able To Absolutely Smash Our Revenue Goals

 “One of the things I’ve really liked in working with them is that there is a very high degree of trust, the communication is really good. And I really like the relationship we’ve built with Macedo Marketing!”

Rory Tonkin

Hard TO Kill Fitness

Our Growth Process

We’re obsessed with generating results & we do this by focusing on these five key steps to any successful strategy.


Friendly Conversation

We’re totally down for some small talk before discussing your needs, we wanna make sure you like us as much as we like you (we’re certain you will)


Kickstart Audit & Analysis

Our Kickstart audit helps grease the wheels. We want to know what you know, and think how you think, don’t worry, we won’t ask you for your social security numbers (phew!)


Launching Your Campaigns

This is where it gets exciting! We will build fully customized Ad campaigns so we can start transforming your account from slot machine to an ATM


Testing & Reporting

As we keep carrying out our A/B testing magic, we’ll never “set and forget”, and you’ll never be in the dark. We’ll always keep you in the loop about the good stuff, but also the stuff that didn’t work

See How We Made These Brands Grow

You don’t get case studies and hundreds of testimonials like ours by accident. We worked hard to produce our case studies. You should see them.

WARNING: A look into our strategy may give you unfair advantages

Canvas eCom StoreTriples ROAS and Quadruples Their Revenue

This leading Canvas business engaged us to build and scale a paid traffic funnel to help them scale their business to 100.000$ a month as they weren’t getting the most out of the agency they were with at the time. With our expertise we were able to exceed their lofty ROI goals


Premium Canvas Brand


322% Increase In ROAS / 65% Increase In Revenue / 54% Decrease CPA

Scaling Subscription Product Business from 0.5 ROAS to 2.5 ROAS with a $30.000 Ad Spend

Before Vivoo started working with us, they didn’t have much in-house experience creating paid traffic campaigns. They were looking for a partner who could provide them with insight, strategy, and execution with open communication. We were able to increase their lifetime value by 500% as well as their ROAS by 250% while increasing ad spend.




Growth from 0.5 ROAS to 2.5 ROAS


The Macedo Marketing Team Is Ready To Become A Part Of Yours. Are You?

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