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Struggling to take your business to the level? During our 100% free, no obligations call, I’m going to show you our 90-day proven system to make your business thrive with strategies generating up to 6x Return on Investments and more!

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What We'll Be Covering On The Call

6-Pronged Success Gameplan

We’ll walk you through the 6 different components we use in our proprietary growth system. You will be getting a complete breakdown of our procedure custom-tailored to your business.

Laser-focused Analysis & Diagnosis

You’re coming to us for a reason, aren’t you? So whatever challenge you need to overcome or problem you’re facing… We’re right there with you! Combined, our team of specialists has decades of experience and we’re confident you’ll walk away from this call with incredibly valuable new insights & a new perspective.

Market Deep-Dive & Competitor Dissection

With our array of specialized tools, we’ll give you profound insights into your competition and what’s working + not working for them. This way you’ll not only gain the strategies of your most successful competitors but you’ll also be able to avoid their biggest, most expensive mistakes!

Roadblock Investigation & Resolution

If you’ve been going at it on your own but haven’t gotten the results you wanted, we’ll go through your accounts together and I’ll reveal the mistakes you’ve been making and showcase some strategies we use to get consistent & reliable Return On Ad Spend.

Walkthrough Of Our 4-Step Growth Process

Finally, we’ll take you through our 4-Step Growth Process that produces rapid business transformation with all our clients. Streamlined and laser-focused, we use this process to get started with new clients in only 90 minutes, launch new ad campaigns in 7 days and completely transform their business in 90 days!

Get A Personalized Walkthrough
Of Our 90 Day System...

Including a showcase of our 6-Pronged Success Gameplan, Laser-focused Analysis & Diagnosis, Market Deep-Dive & Competitors Dissection, Roadblock Investigation & Resolution plus insight into our 4 Step Growth Process!

We’ve Generated Up To 4x Return
On Ad Spend For Our Clients...

Here’s what some of our most successful clients have to say about our system…

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Miray TayfunVivoo, wellness app​

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Hilary PalmerMagnus clothing company​

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Alfonso OlveraSandia Folk, Art gallery​

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Rory TonkinHard TO Kill Fitness

Who Is Macedo Marketing?

Hey! I’m Tiago Macedo and I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself… Because despite being a very data & result-oriented agency, what matters most to me personally is connecting and helping people who want to make a positive impact on the world.

For me, Macedo Marketing is about more than just earning clients a lot of money. It’s about helping awesome people grow businesses they love and supporting them in creating lasting transformations.
If that sounds like you, go ahead and book a call, I’d love to meet you!

We’ve Successfully Collaborated With Over 50+ Clients In Dozens Of Industries

Our System has proven to be effective again and again. Go ahead and book a call so you can convince yourself of its effectiveness.

Project: Urgent Facebook Ads & Pixel expert to help us troubleshoot the IOS 14 drop we’re experiencing
"Our pixel is now tracking everything perfectly and we are ready for the new changes also Tiago created a killer strategy for our 2021, we're super excited with the results!"
Project: Q4 Facebook & Instagram ads strategy expert that can helps us crush it
"I'm really excited to test this Q4 strategy out, Tiago really quickly saw the biggest problems in our advertising efforts and I’m quite confident Q4 will be amazing for us. I will talk to you soon Tiago!"
Project: Facebook and Instagram ads to help us scale
"Highly Recommended 5/5 - Thank you for putting us on the right track"
Project: Looking for a Facebook ads coach to help me with my businesses
"Overdelivered as usual. Been working with him for a long time and I highly recommend him to anyone!"
Project: eCommerce Startup Needs FB & IG Expert to Help With Scaling
"This 1h call was so valuable that we ended up hiring him to work full time in our e-commerce!""
Project: Scaling Specialist for Facebook and Instagram ads
"Amazing work. We are now scaling at a much faster rate, thank you!"
Project: Strategy analysis, audit and recommendations on our Facebook Ads (ecom)
"Every time I work with him he overdelivers! We are back to being quite profitable thanks to his help. Will be back for more soon!"
Project: eCommerce in need of urgent Facebook ads consultation
"I’m glad I chose Tiago to help us on this. He listened to our problems and saw some big mistakes that we were doing on our ads that were costing us a lot of money, he also made sure we had a solid strategy for the next (important) upcoming months and I’m really confident in it because he shares clients that are using the same and are crushing it. Highly recommend him!"
Project: Looking for a Facebook Advertising & IG ads expert to help me dominate my niche in 2020!
"Second time working with Tiago and he is now my dedicated Facebook & Instagram expert, my campaigns are already profitable and we just started!"
Project: Beauty e-com store needs a Kick Ass Facebook Advertiser
"Tiago has been our expert go-to for our eCommerce business and we just hit 7 figures thanks to his help!"

Our Results

If you feel like your business has untapped potential, then I’m 100% confident we can get similar results for you too! That’s why I’m putting my time & money where my mouth is – and offer this (normally paid) consultation to you for free.

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WARNING: This is only for legitimate businesses with great products! If you’re looking for a get-quick-rich scheme, please don’t waste our time. While we’ll of course do the brunt of the work, input and engagement from your side is required. We’re only collaborating with business owners who are willing to invest time, energy & money into your business to take it to the next level!

I believe you’re at a crossroads right now… because if you’ve read this far you know you need help to make a change.

So you can go on as you’ve been so far – struggling to wear all the different hats of a business owner and taking even more on your already full plate – or you can take this small, risk-free step, click the button below and have a chat with one of our experts.

Put like that it’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? 😉

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Once you look back at this moment in 6 months, I’ll guarantee it was one of the best decisions you could have made for your business…


Tiago Macedo,
Founder of Macedo Marketing


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